Maggie and Jill have experienced the majesty, beauty and whirlwind of birth for themselves during c-sections, inductions, V-BACs, and drug-free births both in a hospital and at home.  We connect through birth with everyone we are privileged to serve.

Family is a long arc of small moments as kids get older and milestones pass.  While we evolve as mothers, women, humans we want to help capture the stages of family life both for ourselves and others.


Jill V.

Jill, a former massage therapist and volleyball coach, brings to her photography a deep understanding of how humans move through the world, how our bodies tell stories of both love and pain, and the way emotions run through every moment of life.

After living in Chicago for years, Jill recently relocated to Northern Indiana with her husband and two sons. Her goal as a parent is to raise her sons with emotional intelligence and open minds. She loves to travel and listen to feel-good music that takes her back to family singalongs and outdoor festivals she loved as a kid.


Maggie C.

Maggie’s approach to photography is all about being in the moment. In her sessions she is totally present with the shadows and light that make us who we are. After finishing her degree in Media Arts and Animation, photography became her way to capture the beauty of now.

A Chicago North-sider with two sons and two crazy cats, Maggie’s goal as a mom is to raise her sons to be kind and self-aware. She has been known to dance wildly, live off crock pot soups and salads, and loves the occasional vegetarian tostadas that Jill can whip up in 15 minutes or less.