We believe this is your birth story, not a science class. Birth is about family members meeting for the first time, and we want to tell your story the way you want to see it.

Your partner is integral to the birth and needs to focus on you, not on a camera. This singular moment of meeting your baby for the very first time will never come again, but the memories can last a lifetime.

With us as your birth photographers you will have the peace of mind and freedom to be 100% present when your dream of a family becomes a reality.  


We will be on call for you from day ONE. On the day of your baby's birth we will keep in touch and commit our time to you and your family. We will arrive in active labor and stay for about 2 hours after your little one is born.  During your birth we are a fly on the wall and respectfully tell your story.  Both Jill and Maggie have been a part of the Chicago Birth Community for years and deeply understand the intimacy and privacy of birth and your experience as a mother and family. 

Throughout 8 years and witnessing hundreds of strong mothers and tiny babies entering this world, we've had the privilege of working with the following providers and hospitals:

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