Will you be posing my new baby a lot during the newborn session?

That's perfect!  We believe that Newborns are little people and not all of them like being folded into a pretzel. However if your baby is sleepy we will be happy to take some squishy-baby photos. Babies love us and we have many years of experience in photographing newborns. We gently pose your baby and let him fold into a position that is natural for him. We suggest that you have some great wrapping blankets as well as cute onesies or any other props you would like to use. Booking a Fresh Family Session will allow enough time for sleepy newborn photos. Fresh family sessions also take place within the 1st week of your baby's life when she is the most sleepy. Fresh Family Sessions also take place within the 1st week of your baby's life when she is most sleepy.

What iF my kids are not behaving at our family session?

That's perfect! We have kids and understand that kids are just little people and are allowed to have feelings. Our sessions are designed to document your family life not make your children conform and sit and smile. If you need to reprimand your child during the session in your own parenting style we certainly welcome that, however, "misbehavior" is to be expected. We incorporate your child's mood into the story, play games, bribe if we have to and take time for breaks and snacks. We cater to you! Now if your partner or husband is misbehaving, we can't do much about it: However we have learned that Dads do enjoy our laid back style.