What birth photography is all about (Chicago Birth Photography)

This was one of those rare times when  dad is the one to reach out and ask for more information about birth photography, and it was definitely great to know that he was on board.

When i met Yusuke and Ayako in person i thought they were so sweet and enjoyed watching how adorable they were together. I loved how they exchanged little glances and giggles and i knew they would bring this energy to their birth. It was important to them to have these photos so that they can share the birth of their son with family overseas.

The family wanted a natural and intervention free birth and when Mom was a few days past her due date and opted to seek acupuncture to help things started and it worked wonders.

When I first arrived at West Suburban Medical Center  (which has an amazing ABC room for natural delivery, including a tub for waterbirth!) I could see dad was just  a bit nervous, and rightfully so, after all this is an amazing journey into the unknown. Mom labored beautifully with the help of a friend who both filled the role of a doula and mom away from home. Dad was such an amazing support always by his wife’s side ready and available to give her whatever she needed. The love and support were palpable.

The whole experience was just perfect.  The midwife-caring and compassionate (as I find this is the case when I work with the wonderful women from West Suburban Midwife Associates, knew just what to do to help mom achieve the birth she wanted.

It’s so incredibly amazing to watch a first time mama let go and trust in her ability to birth her baby. Aya was so strong and beautiful. It’s such a gift to witness and document the miracle of birth and transformation.

Many times when people think of birth photography I believe they image a sort-of national geographic show taking place in a hospital room. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. Birth Photography is about documenting the day your family expands, the strength of a woman as she becomes a mother, the caring nature of a partner. It’s the day a couple’s love materializes as a tiny little human, outside of the womb. To  learn more about Birth Photography services in Chicago, please go here and claim your complimentary consultation

I can tell you about what birth photography is for days, but it's best said through this wonderful birth story of little Ichiro, below. Check out his photos  get a hold of the handsome, wide awake Boy. Don't forget to leave some love for this wonderful and strong mama :)