Chicago Birth Photographer | Chicago Homebirth of Aurora

Everyone chooses their birth place based on where they feel most comfortable and safe and we support our clients 100% in their birth choices.

For Laurel who is also the owner and birth Doula with Belly Heart & Soul  that place was home. Of course she made sure to have a Doula of her own, and Audrey from Breathe Love Doula made sure that Laurel was completely supported at all times and facilitated great interaction between mom and dad.

Homebirth is a great option for women who are having a low risk pregnancy and would like to avoid some routine Hospital interventions like episiotomy, epidural and pitocin. This option allows moms to move around freely and eat when desired during labor.   Being at home also allows mom to share the experience and receive support from her family.

Homebirths are attended by skilled midwives who come prepared with their team and a variety of medications and years of experience in attending natural out-of-hospital deliveries. They are the life-guards and thoroughly monitor mom and baby to make sure everyone is safe throughout delivery.

Our favorite part of homebirths is that once baby arrives and everyone is doing well mom can hang out in her very own bed with her new love and of course because Birth Photographers are always welcome!

We are so honored to help this strong and beautiful mama document this incredible day in her family's life.



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