And Baby Makes 3 | Chicago Birth Photography

We love documenting the birth of a first baby.  It's such an amazing and grand transition for a family of two becoming three.

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This mama knew the value of having such a special day documented.  Erica and her husband Nick have family out of state and planed to share their birth experience here at home in Chicago via photos. It was absolutely amazing to watch them work together. Nick is an actor and Erica works in theater as well, so this will definitely be one creative and articulate baby.  They worked together seamlessly and had the most amazing scripts to get mom through contractions. Some favorites: "I welcome this, because I welcome my daughter" and "I am strong and I am focused".  And she most definitely was.

After a long and tiring labor this mama gathered up all her energy and love for her baby and had the most amazing, and empowering birth. It really was perfection. From the goodie basket for the nurses at Hinsdale Hospital to one of the most caring birth teams, (OMG Women's Healthcare) hand written affirmations and well wishes from friends and family to be read during labor. 

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We feel absolutely blessed to have been able to provide birth photography and be a fly on the wall while everyone worked tirelessly together to bring baby Vivien earth-side. Blessed to have witnessed a moment when a family became complete. A time when a husband sees his wife in a new light and finds a new love and respect for her.  A moment when a woman surrenders to forces beyond her and yet within her.  A time when a woman transforms and her soul is reborn.

“There is a secret in our culture, And it’s not that childbirth is painful, It’s that women are strong.”

― Laurie Stavoe Harm

Welcome Vivien there is no doubt that you are greatly loved.