Document your Bump | Maternity Photographer in Chicago

We met Amanda at a birth of another client while she was their doula. Amanda works with an amazing and local agency which helps parents prepare for the birth and post partum period:  Chicago Birth and Baby. A few weeks later we were delighted to hear that she wanted us document her family and their home birth with Gentle Birth Care.

Before welcoming their second child Amanda and her partner Josh invited us to their Lincoln Square home to do a maternity documentary session for them. Expanding from a family of 3 to a family of 4 can be quite the adventure. This was a great time to take a break from planning and to slow down and spend intentional time together. 

We are just in love with their images! The emotion is palpable! Our session was so full of the moments we all live for. It almost seemed as if the love they have for each other and their first child was amplified knowing that these moments were ever so fleeting. This is the best part about photographing Chicago families.

And the best part about maternity sessions is documenting the deep connection mom has with her baby as well as the magic and beauty within her. We are so happy Amanda invited us to document the elegance and sacredness of pregnancy. 

(A slideshow & blog of her birth photos will be posted soon. Make sure you check back, it was absolutely beautiful!).


New Baby | Chicago unposed family photography

Is there anything better than having a new baby at home? Hours of cuddles, tracing their little feature with your finger and forgetting to eat because you have just been staring at your baby's perfect cherub cheeks.

We love helping families document their amazing moments as they get to know each other. 

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We are Family | Newborn Photographers in Chicago

 This  sweet family has worked with us from the moment Mom was pregnant with baby nr. 1.  Here we are a few years later celebrating and documenting the arrival of their 3rd little one.

We chose the name THIS IS FAMILY for our Chicago based Birth and Family photography business because our goal is not only to document the uniqueness of families but also because our clients quickly become part of our family.  Each time we spend time with a family and see them connect we create a space in our hearts just for them.

There are many photographers in Chicago, but we know that we are different.  Our sessions are designed to help you be in the moment and connect with the people you love most. Life tends to get very busy and especially life with a newborn. Our goal is to introduce a safe and comfortable space in which you not only get to breathe and relax but feel good being yourself.

We help you facilitate authentic family connections, not only to get a great photo but because we truly care about the happiness of the families we work with.  And this particular family is beyond adorable.  We couldn't be happier they chose us to document their most precious moments.


Interested in telling your story in the most authentic way? Contact us! We are here to help.



Chicago Mini Sessions with Cloud & Bunny

We partnered up with an amazing children's boutique and resale shop Cloud and Bunny to bring you mini sessions just in time for Valentine's Day.

These are perfect to capture expecting mothers, little babies, growing kiddos or for an updated family portrait.

Our approach is always honest, authentic and fun. We focus on family connections and capturing not only what your child looks like but also their personality.

BONUS! With your booked session you will receive a $25.00 store credit with Cloud & Bunny. How cool is that?!?!

For more information, open time slots and to book your session follow the link below.



Chicago Newborn Photographer | Baby Brother

We always shoot from the heart and give people the space and permission to be fully in the moment and connect together while we document that palapable love for them. Our goal is to show families that they already have everything they need in each other. 

Welcome home baby!

Want to see the love and happiness in your life? Contact us for more info about family sessions.

C-Section Birth IS a Birth | Chicago Birth Photographer

When discussing topics surrounding how women give birth it's important to remember that each situation is likely very different than any other. One of the most debated forms of birthing a baby is by Cesarean-Section (c-section). To help you navigate this common but often misunderstood procedure, Chicago Birth photographers This Is Family Photography & Film want to share some tips on the before, during and after having a c-section birth.

Above all else when it comes to having a c-section remember:

No matter how you birth your baby, it’s still a birth and the beginning of parenting.

At This Is Family we believe one of the biggest things to recognize when becoming a parent is the process of letting go. That it's about learning how to embrace the chaos as we navigate through the heart expanding uncertainty of motherhood, regardless what ideals you may have to let go of along the way.

How you birth your baby in no way determines what type of woman or mother you are. We feel exceptionally lucky to have seen and captured so many different birth stories. The common thread between them is the expansion of a family as well as  incredible moments where beauty and love seem palpable. 

This brave mama not only had a C-section birth but powered through without her partner who was working out of town and could not make it back in time. We are so honored to have been there and helped document this birth so that Dad could, in some way, be present.

Learn more about documenting your Birth Story, no matter the story HERE


Now On to the tips:

Discuss C-section with Your Provider (even if you don't plan to have one)

Chicago families are lucky to have such an abundance of choices with so many GREAT midwife groups & Ob's who take the time to listen & support your decisions. Since having a c-section is always a possibility, it is an important topic to discuss. Talking over your desires for your birth plan would be step number one. Then finding out what your provider's rate of c-section is or the reasons why they would choose that method over a vaginal birth? Do their answers line up with what is important to you? If you do not feel supported or strongly disagree with the path your provider may be paving for you for your birth, remember you can always research different providers. Some insurance companies will even allow you to change providers through 40 weeks!  Remember these words: Your provider is there to work for you and you have choices. 

Options surrounding c-section

If a c-section happens you may still have options and even a birth plan too! This is, of course, another topic of discussion for you and your provider. If a c-section is necessary and assuming everyone is healthy what are the processes during your section and after baby is born? 
We are starting to hear some great things about gentle c-sections or "family friendly c-sections". These types can include: skin to skin directly after birth, delayed cord clamping & nursing in the OR/recovery. Though not all of these options are available at every hospital many are becoming more of the norm and are worth talking about to see if they are available if you want them! 

Some hospitals are even allowing photographers in to the Operating Room! We haven't been so lucky yet but we are holding on hope as the doctors and the birthing staff get used to our professional presence at births. 

Create a Recovery Support Team

It is important to keep in mind that a c-section is a major surgery. When friends & family members ask if they can do anything for you, this is a great time in your life to say YES! Having a meal prepared or delivered for you or someone coming to sit with baby while you shower can make you feel like a new person!  In addition to that help or if family is out of town or friends are unavailable, keep in mind that you can also hire a postpartum doula!. A Postpartum doula can come help during the day or night to assist mom, dad, baby, and with household tasks. Many postpartum doulas also offer lactation support & placenta encapsulation, too! The more help you have lined up the more you can rest at ease and focus on your own healing. 

Below we have included a list of some postpartum doulas that we have formed a lovely working relationship with. Again, even at this step it is important to do your research to find the postpartum doula that you feel aligned with for individual needs.