La Leche League Annual Mini Sessions | Arlington Heights Family Photography

Every year for the past FIVE years we have teamed up with the La Leche League of Arlington Heights for a day of Mini Sessions.  Each year we also donate a portion of the proceeds to the LLL. 

The mission of the La Leche League is  to help mothers worldwide to breastfeed through mother-to-mother support, encouragement, information, and education, and to promote a better understanding of breastfeeding as an important element in the healthy development of the baby and mother.

We love what they are about and want to help further their goal. 

Our mission is to help create an emotional space in which your family can connect and just BE together.  It makes us happy to see families  have a great bonding experience and  walk away with an honest and heartfelt memento they can keep forever.

So you see, by booking this session with us you are doing your part in the cycle of love. We give you a relaxed, fun and connective experience with your family (that even dad will enjoy) and 10% of the proceeds will go BACK to the LLL of Arlington Heights.

We get to keep doing what we love.

You get to have a reminder of the sweet moments in your family, and we all need those occasionally.

AND, the local LLL chapter can use the funds to cover some of their expenses while they help mamas confidently nurse and bond with their babies. 

Check out some of the moments from LLL 2016 and scroll down for booking info. 


The Details:

When: Sat September 9th   Time: 9:30 am - 6 pm   Location: Schaumburg Area

$200- 30 minute session - 15 images additional images will be available for $50

$50- Add 30 sec. family video trailer WATCH BELOW

Click below to choose a time and book your spot. Spots are Limited.

A change in perspective | Chicago Family Films

Right around Mother's Day a video from Story of This Life took over the internet. It made millions of moms cry, us included.

It's powerful, because it's TRUE.

I'm sure we can all relate to the mom guilt that comes with parenting. We can relate to feeling that we just didn't do enough. That we should have been a better, more caring, more involved, soft spoken - Mary Poppins of a mother. 

But many times the reality is different.  Life happens, chores need to be done, responsibilities pile up and anxiety creeps in.  We are human, and in the end we are all doing the best we can. 

This video made us cry because it showed us a different perspective. It gave us a break of the incessant noise in our head that says we are not enough. It showed us that even when we think we failed, our kids see the love we have for them.  We remember our day from our supposed failures, they remember the way we loved them.  They are simply happy that we ARE there. 

To our children we ARE enough. We are the world to them as much as they are to us. 

Our goal at This Is Family is to show you that different and positive perspective. We want to show you this because we yearn to see it for ourselves in our lives. And when we do even for a split second the love is simply overwhelming. We want you to feel that too. 

Let's learn to love ourselves through the hearts of our children. Let us into your life for just a couple hours and we will show you that to your kids, to your family YOU are ENOUGH. In fact you are EVERYTHING.

Watch the video below.  Make sure to grab some tissues. 



P.S. Check out our family page and create a film of your own. Book by 8/10 and receive $50.00 off any film package. :)

fill out the form below to get in touch and see a different perspective of your hectic life because without a doubt we can show you that:

You are enough, your life is already perfect.





It's a BOY | Birth Photography in Chicago

It's so amazing when families decide to tell the entirety of their birth story. We documented Amanda's family before baby was born and then had the privileged of documenting her amazing and peaceful home birth. 

It was important for Amanda who is a doula with Chicago Birth and Baby to capture this experience. She planned to have both her mom and her mother in law present and wanted keep the moments of her family coming together to help welcome baby boy. Which was a complete surprise! 

Thank you so much for trusting us with your most precious moments beautiful mama. You rocked this birth. 

What's your birth story? | Birth Photography in Chicago

Each family's birth is unique and beautiful.  Each one, in it's own powerful way tells the story of the day your family becomes new and complete.

Different as they may be, the stories of these Chicago babies also have a few similar themes.

There are moments of anticipation, hope and inevitably struggle. There are moments when you simply can't wait any longer but then surrender to the story that needs to unfold. Moments of solitude and then moments of comfort and connection. 

And then the moment you have waited for since you saw the second pink line. Meeting your baby. Getting to finally hold him in your arms. We are here to capture this brief and heart explosive instant  when your lifelong bond begins. 

Welcome home baby | Honest and Simple Newborn Photography in Chicago

The first few days after your baby arrives are a whirlwind.

We oscillate between all the things we are learning or re learning like nursing, feedings, diaper changes, sleep schedules  and getting lost in the magic of the moment and our new family.

Everything feels fresh and expansive. Things move quickly but time seems to stand still. 

But while you are immersed in the joy of the moment and simply navigating your new normal time passes by quickly and soon these sweet moments become a faded memory. We are passionate about helping you be fully present while we document the beauty of your truth, your life. 

This gorgeous Chicago mama wanted us to capture the honest sweetness, simplicity and love of her days as a new mom. And each moment is absolutely perfect. 

Document your Bump | Maternity Photographer in Chicago

We met Amanda at a birth of another client while she was their doula. Amanda works with an amazing and local agency which helps parents prepare for the birth and post partum period:  Chicago Birth and Baby. A few weeks later we were delighted to hear that she wanted us document her family and their home birth with Gentle Birth Care.

Before welcoming their second child Amanda and her partner Josh invited us to their Lincoln Square home to do a maternity documentary session for them. Expanding from a family of 3 to a family of 4 can be quite the adventure. This was a great time to take a break from planning and to slow down and spend intentional time together. 

We are just in love with their images! The emotion is palpable! Our session was so full of the moments we all live for. It almost seemed as if the love they have for each other and their first child was amplified knowing that these moments were ever so fleeting. This is the best part about photographing Chicago families.

And the best part about maternity sessions is documenting the deep connection mom has with her baby as well as the magic and beauty within her. We are so happy Amanda invited us to document the elegance and sacredness of pregnancy. 

(A slideshow & blog of her birth photos will be posted soon. Make sure you check back, it was absolutely beautiful!).