The newness of family | Chicago Birth and Newborn Photography

Having a baby is amazing, but it's also at times challenging. The consensus among my mom friends seems to be the same;  You will lose sleep. Lots of it! You will inevitably feel like you are failing in some way even when you are doing your best navigating the new normal.

Before you know it the whirl wind will settle, breastfeeding and routines will become easier, thank God! The struggle is real but it does get better and the tumultuous time of having a new baby will be a thing of the past.

And then, you will want to remember something much more powerful than adjustments and struggles. You will want to remember the moments when time seemed to stop while you stared at your baby, inspected tiny wrinkled fingers, peel-y nose and pursed lips.

You will want to remember how curious your older kids were and that they asked to  play with or hold the baby ALL the time.  Like the time I walked into a room and saw my older boy trying to put a binky back in his brother's mouth.  I can still remember the heart melt of that moment.  I knew THIS was the stuff mothering was made of, THIS WAS FAMILY. And I know this is the great connective feeling you want to remember too.

Your favorite memory might be the first time your baby smiled at you, and how in that moment you lost your breath and cried because it was the most beautiful thing in the world, like I did.  You will want to remember that nothing else in the entire universe existed except this tiny little world a protective bubble filled with love and hope that fit your family just right.

We want to tell that newborn story for you.

This Is Family