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We are so excited to announce our NEW blog series called The MOM BOSS BLOG!

The MOM BOSS BLOG is a way for us to give a glimpse into the life of a certain MOM BOSS that we find intriguing and inspiring. We visit with them and visually capture what a typical work day looks like for them and we also ask some related (and some not so related, but fun!) questions to get to know them a little better.

Our first featured mom boss is Katie, the owner of Windy City Paws.
Windy City Paws is a service designed to help your furry friends while you busy working or simply away from your home. Katie and her team of professionals give you peace of mind that your puppies, dogs and even your cats, birds, etc. are being taken care of. Be it by a walk, run or simple companionship they've got you covered with exceptional customer service from people that care about the well-being of your pets. 

Below Katie answered a few questions to help us get a little inside scoop about the woman behind the brand. Enjoy!



The moment mother-hood felt real? Probably when I got back from my maternity leave and had to turn over my daughter's care during the day to a nanny. It was a day I looked forward to in so many ways- I was ready and excited to jump back into work, and, frankly, I was run down with caring for my daughter all day. But very unexpectedly once it happened, my heart ached. It was an ache I've never felt before in my life. The pull to be two different women at the same time was a first for me. I knew then...'uh oh this is what it feels like to be a Mom'.



Best Mom Moment?  Anytime I can make my daughter smile or giggle. Whenever she is happy, I'm happy and I feel like I'm doing my job well



What is your definition of family?  People who unconditionally love each other and work to support each other every day.


Favorite family friendly restaurant(s)? Crosby's on Southport is super kid-friendly. I always try to get the cornbread and a Bloody Mary!


If a movie was made about your family what would it be called? Walk My Way


#momtip for new or expecting moms? Make time for yourself every day. Take a walk, a nap, a shower, cook or order in something healthy, indulge in that glass of wine at the end of the day. If you continue to love yourself and make time for yourself to reflect and unwind each day- even for just 30 minutes, you'll be a better mom. 

Also, go easy on yourself! Moms are constantly comparing themselves to others and feeling bad about how they compare. You know your baby and yourself the best. Trust your intuition and try to not compare yourself to others- it's an unhealthy distraction.





Biggest career risk you have ever taken? Starting my own business when there were so many unknowns. I didn't know how to run a business and it was really overwhelming- it still is, actually. But I jumped in with both feet and haven't looked back since. The leap is just going for it even though you don't have every detail figured out.



Favorite thing about being a business owner? The best thing is that I'm able to create jobs in the city of Chicago through growing a strong business. I love this city and building a business in it is one of the great accomplishments of my life. On a personal level, the best thing about owning a business is that I can have a flexible work schedule. I can work less one day to accommodate a yoga class, doctor appointment or lunch with my daughter and catch up more on work the next day.



Greatest challenge? Leading my employees and office staff. Keeping them motivated, excited and happy is a top priority for me every day. I'm only as strong as the team behind me.



How do you manage work life balance? I'm a total work in progress on this one! I've set some boundaries with my work schedule which helps- for example I spend every Friday with my daughter and work the rest of the week. However, as a business owner I'm always "on" and feel affected by daily work issues even if I'm spending time with my daughter. It's a real struggle to manage 2 things that need your complete attention in the moment. However, I have a great team so I’m able to delegate as well. Their talent and dedication has helped me start to achieve some of the balance I’m seeking


What is your business philosophy?  Always show up - whether it's a scheduled dog walk, a phone call from a client, a request from an employee - always be ready to be your best self, communicating well and with integrity.


Best bit of advice you'd give about owning business? Don't shy away from uncomfortable conversations with clients or employees. Hiding your vulnerability is not a priority - it gives way to being honest, professional and collaborative with employees and clients.





Hardcover or Kindle? Kindle! Although I can't remember the last book I finished! Currently working on Amy Schumer's, The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo. She's hysterical!


How many pairs of shoes? too many! I probably have 30 pairs. But I mostly wear sneakers every day. My heels just sit there and look pretty in my closet.


Favorite animal? Dogs of course! I also LOVE sea otters :)



Currently obsessed with? Key West! It's my favorite place ever. My husband and I got married there three years ago and I'm currently on vacation there introducing Cosette to our favorite spots on the island.


In your handbag? a ton of lipgloss, hand sanitizer, tissues, wallet, sunglasses, keys, coupons, some hair ties, a protein bar, gum and a thick stack of business cards

Coffee or tea - what flavor? I like both but I indulge in coffee way more. I love Starbucks' skinny vanilla latte or just Starbucks Breakfast blend brewed at home. I have 2-3 cups a day!


Thanks so much for chatting with us Katie! 

If you are a Mom Boss in the Chicago area and would like to be featured on our blog please reach out at with the subject line Mom Boss.

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