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The MOM BOSS BLOG is a way for us to give a glimpse into the life of a  MOM BOSS that we find intriguing and inspiring. We visit with them and visually capture what a typical work day looks like for them and we also ask some related (and some not so related, but fun!) questions to get to know them a little better.

We started this blog last month and we are ready and happy to share this new mom boss blog with you! Our next featured Chicago Mom Boss is Kate Marengo the owner of Interior Chicago

Below Kate answered a few questions to help us get to know Kate a little better. We were lucky enough to be able to visit Kate while she was at home with her family. We instantly felt welcome and as if we were old friends. Kate is the sweetest person with a great sense of humor. Our bellies definitely hurt from laughing after our shoot. 

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Who is Interior Chicago?
Interior Chicago is a full service consulting firm who specializes in creating beautiful, functional and affordable spaces. We make design affordable, approachable, and functional. We work together with their clients to determine the best solutions for them, their budget, and their family.

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What are some things that your clients get surprised by?  
My design clients are surprised that they get to use my discounts, that they don’t have to order custom items, and that they can actually be a big part of the process if they want to be.  My organizing clients are surprised at how good they feel after a session, and wonder why they put off working together for so long.

We hope this blog will be seen by someone who could use your services.
How can someone get in contact Interior Chicago? 

By phone: (312) 239-0744 or via our website



The moment mother-hood felt real
The day we brought our daughter home from the hospital.  Suddenly, all the help was gone, and it was just our little family plus this new baby.  It was on me to figure out breastfeeding, and I was getting the first taste of the lack of sleep. 

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Best Mom Moment
All the little ones add up to the best moments.  There just isn’t one.  Everytime my daughter laughs, kisses my arm, grabs my face, tells me she loves me.  Tells me I’m strong!  When she does something new!  Mother hood to me is the culmination of all of these little moments - not just one magical one.

What is your definition of family?
Great question.  It’s really evolved over time.  When I first moved to Chicago in 2000, it was my friends, and when I met my now husband, his family took me in as one of their own.  Now I have family living in Chicago, my husbands family whom I adore, my little family who lives in our house (plus the fur babies!) and my friends who are so beloved to me that I would do anything for.  My sisters, and my brothers, not just our friends.  

Favorite family friendly restaurant(s)
Basically any brunch location.  We love Brunch, Yolk, Eggsperience.  For dinner, we tend to only go to places in the summer where we can sit outside.  That being said, we love the outdoor area at Kerryman.

If a movie was made about your family what would it be called?
I think our family would better be explained by the TV show “This is Us.”  We’ve got lots of ups and downs, but we’re real, and we’re there for each other.  Life isn’t always pretty, but it’s full of love.

#momtip for new or expecting moms?
Trust your gut, and do not compare your child’s progress to others.  They all develop at their own rate.




Biggest career risk you ever took:
Leaving corporate America.  The guaranteed benefits, health insurance, etc.  It was such a risky and scary move, but I’m so glad I did it.  Best decision I ever made.  I feel like I’m in control of our lives, our path, and our time together.

Favorite thing about being a business owner?
I love that my schedule is mine along to make.  I am able to be at my daughters pre-school for things like the Mothers Day tea, on a random Friday afternoon, or go to lunch with a girlfriend on her birthday and take a few hours if I want to.  I can not stress about getting out of the house at a certain time every day because I’ve scheduled my clients for the times that work best for me, and I can take a nap if I want or need to. Being able to be flexible with scheduling, and do what I love is the coolest thing, and I feel so lucky and grateful that I can do this.

Greatest challenge?
Always feeling like I have more to do, and not giving myself permission to just relax.  I help my husband with his business, manage our family, and household, and run my business with my own clients while my partners manage other clients - on top of being a wife, a friend, and a mom.  It’s hard to do everything to the fullest when you have so many things pulling at you that you want to pay attention to.

How do you manage work life balance?
It’s so hard!  Being a business owner, you are never truly off.  I respond to clients by email and text at all hours of the day, but on nights and weekends, my husband and I try not to see clients, or sit down and really dig into a project unless we absolutely have to - because it’s our family time.

What is your business philosophy?
Treat others as you want to be treated.  I may not run my business in the way to maximize profits, but I do run my business ethically and with respect.  I sometimes run into a job that I’d love, but ultimately turn down because the client would best be served by someone else.

Best bit of advice you'd give about owning business
Do something you really love.  And the money will come.  It won’t feel like work.



Hardcover or Kindle?
iPad Books!

How many pairs of shoes?
I’ve got a lot of shoes that don’t fit anymore since I’ve had my daughter.  I also have a lot of shoes that are from my previous life in corporate america.  So maybe 20?  And I wear like 3 of them.

Favorite animal?

Currently obsessed with?
Bullet Journaling, selling used daughters clothes on Kidizen, and Big Little Lies on HBO

In your handbag?
An extra diaper, gum, a measuring tape, a digital measurer, a notebook, phone, extra phone charger, and lotion.  

Coffee or tea? what flavor?
Coffee.  I like coffee like I like my wine.  I don’t care how cheap it is or really how it tastes - just get the job done :)

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Thank you so much for being so inviting, Kate. It has been great getting to know you better! 

If you are a Mom Boss in the Chicago area and would like to be featured on our blog please reach out at with the subject line Mom Boss.

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