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The MOM BOSS BLOG is a way for us to give a glimpse into the life of a  MOM BOSS that we find intriguing and inspiring. We visit with them and visually capture what a typical work day looks like for them and we also ask some related (and some not so related, but fun!) questions to get to know them a little better.


This month we are featuring Aimi Palmer, the owner of My Little Sleeper, a sleep consultant company here in Chicago. We wish we would have known about her when our boys were babies. Having a baby is such a whirlwind of an experience and it seems just when you get the hang of some sort of schedule baby always finds a way to flip it right around on you. It's nice to know Aimi and getting the answers to all your sleep issue questions is just a phone call away. In fact she even offers a complementary 20 minute phone consultation! This is a nice opportunity to discuss your little ones sleep habits with Aimi and she then has a few minutes to help determine if additional time is needed to develop a personal plan to fit your individual needs. The service that she offers is AMAZING!

Talking and getting to know Aimi during our blog photo session was super easy. She is attentive, kind, and has a great sense of humor - she's also British so I think having a sense of humor is a prerequisite.

So read on to get to know Aimi and her business better and to see some photos from our time together with her and one of her daughters while big sister was at school.




Best Mom Moment
The day my daughters became best friends and not just siblings. Watching them play and enjoy spending time together was beautiful to watch.

What is your definition of family?
Family is not just blood relations, we are from the UK living in Chicago so don't have family close by. Our Chicago family is made up with neighbors, friends, my daughters babysitters. I really do believe the saying that it takes a village.

 Favorite family friendly restaurant(s)
We live in Lakeview, our go to restaurants are crosbys, frasca and summerhouse santa monica.



If a movie was made about your family what would it be called
Snow white and the 7 dwarfs. On my side of the family, I have an 11 year niece and then from October their will be 7 cousins 5 years and younger. My mom was desperate for my siblings and I to have children so we kept her busy each year with new grandchildren.

#momtip for new or expecting moms
Be the mom you want to be and not the mom others think you should be. Friends, family, doctors, books and the internet will all give you advice on what you should or shouldn't be doing. Take the time to think about what fits with you and how you want to be as a parent and do it your way. Trying to be the mom everyone thinks you should be is too much hard work. Go with what feels best for you.


Who is My Little Sleeper?
I am a certified child sleep consultant and owner of my little sleeper. Whilst I am based in Chicago, I work with clients world wide thanks to technology allowing me to use FaceTime and Skype. I started the business after sleep training my own daughter who was a terrible sleeper up until 5 months old. Now a mom of two (and one on the way), I always refer to her as "My little sleeper" as the difference is remarkable. Helping other parents get more sleep is my passion, I know how hard it is to be a new parent when sleep deprived and want other parents to get the rest they need.

 What services do you provide?
I work with families with children up to the age of 5 years old. Whether this is eliminating sleep props, improving night time sleep, working on nap times. The list is endless on what sleep troubles that parents have come to me to improve. I also offer a package to expectant parents to help them prepare the right sleep environment for their newborn, what sleep products they should and shouldn't get and also expectation for newborn sleep and how to encourage healthy sleep habits.

We hope this blog will be seen by someone who could use your services.
How can someone get in contact Interior Chicago? 

By Phone: 872-202-4992 or or by visiting our website:

What are some things that your clients get surprised by?
Majority of my clients are surprise at how quickly they see improvement in their child's sleep. 90% of them will ask on the phone how soon will they see results and I prefer to be realistic depending on their child's sleep trouble. I much prefer to give them a guide that is longer incase bumps in the road happen. So when they have a better and quick experience they are much happier as parents.



Biggest career risk you ever took
Setting up a business in America is incredibly overwhelming and I feel the biggest career risk to date. Learning everything from business registration to tax requirements was mind boggling. Once I achieved this and started to see the results from my marketing and branding I felt a huge accomplishment.

Favorite thing about being a business owner
Having the flexibility to run the business my way. I am an honest person and keep my integrity in tack. I enjoy building relationships with the families that I work with and it is important that they trust me and are happy with the advice I have given them.

Greatest challenge
Helping my close friend sleep train her 11 month old son. She wanted to continue the breastfeeding relationship and has 2 older children so it was a big deal for her to do sleep training. Within 3 nights we had him on track and sleeping through the night, it was great to have my non sleep deprived friend back.

How do you manage work life balance
I try to be strict with my work hours and do my emails and phone calls when my children are at school or asleep. Due to the nature of my work I do have consultations in the evening and weekends, thanks to a supportive husband I am able to balance the two. I limit myself with how many clients I take on at a time, for both the client to get the support they need but also so I am not away from my daughters too much. I have been known to apologize on a phone call if they can hear my daughters in the background, or even worse aware that I am helping one of them with a trip to the potty.

What is your business philosophy
My Grandma always told me, "the key to a happy life is never going to bed upset and the key to a happy marriage is never going to bed on an argument." This is now the grounding for the My Little Sleep training methods.  As a mom I will only recommend gentle sleep training techniques that I am prepared to use myself. Do I do Cry-it-out? No, that is not my style, I believe a child should be loved before they go to sleep and comforted when upset. Bedtime should be a happy and pleasant experience, not something dreaded for both the parents and their little one. Parents will be responding to them and not abandoning them; we will simply be changing the way that things have been happening at sleep time.

Best bit of advice you'd give about owning business
Don't be afraid to push yourself out of your comfort zone if it means developing your business. I was never sure whether I should show my  clients and followers on social media the real me. Pictures of family life and admitting that even my children hit bumps in the road. The feed back I have received is that my honesty allows parents to trust me which is really important to me and my business success.



Hardcover or Kindle
Not that I get time to read anything other than books about sleep, but when I do - hardcover. I love the intensity of turning over the page. 

How many pairs of shoes
If my husband is reading 5, the reality is I am too afraid to count. At least 40

 Favorite animal
Sea otter, especially when they swim on their backs

Currently obsessed with
FOOD! being pregnant, I don't stop thinking about my next meal but I love trying new restaurants and new food.

 In your handbag
As well as the usual phone, money and keys - tissues, 3 loose goldfish that have escaped an open bag, a pen and some old receipts.

 Coffee or tea - what flavor? 
I think i am probably one of the few British that doesn't like tea. I am a coffee lover, at the moment a decaf caramel latte.

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