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Right around Mother's Day a video from Story of This Life took over the internet. It made millions of moms cry, us included.

It's powerful, because it's TRUE.

I'm sure we can all relate to the mom guilt that comes with parenting. We can relate to feeling that we just didn't do enough. That we should have been a better, more caring, more involved, soft spoken - Mary Poppins of a mother. 

But many times the reality is different.  Life happens, chores need to be done, responsibilities pile up and anxiety creeps in.  We are human, and in the end we are all doing the best we can. 

This video made us cry because it showed us a different perspective. It gave us a break of the incessant noise in our head that says we are not enough. It showed us that even when we think we failed, our kids see the love we have for them.  We remember our day from our supposed failures, they remember the way we loved them.  They are simply happy that we ARE there. 

To our children we ARE enough. We are the world to them as much as they are to us. 

Our goal at This Is Family is to show you that different and positive perspective. We want to show you this because we yearn to see it for ourselves in our lives. And when we do even for a split second the love is simply overwhelming. We want you to feel that too. 

Let's learn to love ourselves through the hearts of our children. Let us into your life for just a couple hours and we will show you that to your kids, to your family YOU are ENOUGH. In fact you are EVERYTHING.

Watch the video below.  Make sure to grab some tissues. 



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You are enough, your life is already perfect.





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