Birth of a super mom? | Chicago Birth Photography

Kate is my mom hero. Why? Maybe it's because she makes it look easy to organize an army of 5 kids and I can barely mange 2.  Maybe it's because her house always looks gorgeous, is structured but not to a fault and most importantly full of love and sibling shenanigans. She is beautiful, confident and one of the most interesting and engaging people to chat with.

I first met Kate when she was preparing for baby number 5, lovingly dubbed: "The bonus baby".  She was planning a long awaited home birth, after a hospital birth of triplets- did I say mom hero yet? And a sweet little boy who's birth was fast and furious.

When we work with families, we are on a certain level invited in to see their life, the everyday moments, the ups and downs and the whirlwinds of family life with small children and babies.

We know that sometimes families worry their own family or home is not "picture perfect" like the ones seen in blog posts and photography website. But you want to know the truth? Perfect - over imagined - pinterest families don't exist.  We are all human, we are all perfectly imperfect and that's what makes life amazing. 

As photographers its our job to let you be in the moment, to create an atmosphere in which you feel completely uninhibited to be yourself.   Because we see a beauty far beyond what's physically in front of us and we are able to truly capture the story of what your love and family mean to you.

We are so happy that Kate let us into her life. It's a pleasure to experience and reflect back the genuine love in her soul and the uniqueness of her family and to learn from someone who in our eyes is a Super Mom.

What’s your favorite part about being a mom?

I love the sense of accomplishment that comes with being a Mom. Even if the kids and I have a day where we stay in our pajamas I still go to bed that night knowing that I saw to all of their needs for that day. They were fed and cleaned and listened to and loved.

What has been the most surprising thing motherhood has taught you?

Motherhood has brought out a level of determination that I didn't know I had. In almost every other aspect of my life failure has been an option. Let's face it - there are other jobs, there are other chances to change my diet, there are always second chances. Motherhood is the one thing that I absolutely refuse to fail at. I have one chance to help raise the best human beings that I can.

What is a memory that has stuck out most?

One of my strongest memories of recent days comes from the birth of our daughter Nina. When Nina was born she joined 4 older siblings in our family. We planned a home birth as that had always been a desire of mine and because we very much wanted to be together as a family for the babies arrival. There are no words to describe the feeling of having our older children gathered around the birth pool as I lifted Nina off of my chest and we learned together who she was. That moment was perfection.

What do you hope your kids remember about their childhood?

I hope our kids remember being loved. I know that sounds cliche, but they say that you won't always remember the details of a situation, but you'll remember how the circumstances made you feel. I believe that to be true. Our kids won't remember every time we read to them, every trip to the park or every time we took them out for ice cream. Our best hope is that when they reflect back on their childhood they feel loved, respected and heard.

What made you choose to hire a professional photographer?

I knew that I wanted a birth photographer, because I wanted to be able to look back and experience Nina's arrival from eyes other than my own. When I am in labor all of my focus is on my body and the physicality of birthing my baby. If it wasn't for the photo's I would have missed the look on all of my older children's faces as they learned that they had a new sister. I would have missed seeing my husband cuddle our new girl while I was busy getting out of the tub. I would have missed seeing my Doula, Leah Lichy (of MAMAssage doula & massage), showing the placenta to our very curious older children while I was getting settled into bed. With our amazing photo's not only do I get to see those moments, but I get to reflect back on them any time I want. Birth is life changing and family changing. Each child will only ever arrive one time. That alone makes the photo's absolutely priceless.
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