We believe women are strong. 

Our passion is encapsulating the power and beauty of Women bringing life into the world. 

The birth of your baby, this singular moment when your dream of a family becomes a reality is important and we promise to be there for you to tell your story. 



With the birth of a child, a mother and a family are born too. Your birth tells a story about family members meeting for the first time, and we will tell your story exactly the way you want to see it.




This process begins with a quick phone call so that we  can connect with you and listen to what you would like to capture most about your birth story.  

We can also go over any concerns or hopes and wishes for your birth.

We will be on call for you starting at 37 weeks. We will be available to you night or day once labor starts and will join you around active labor (5-7 cm) and stay until 3 hours after your baby arrives.  During your labor we are a fly on the wall so that you can feel comfortable and safe.

Birth Story packages begin at $1500 and include digital images and printing rights.

For more information please read over our FAQ section.



The Fresh Family Story will help document your first few days together and takes place within the first 48-72 hours of your baby's birth.  

Your session will be relaxed and documentary allowing you the space to bond with your baby and introduce him or her to all the over joyed family members.

We ask that you let us know when you are in labor or as soon as baby arrives so that we can clear any obligations and be available to you as soon as you are ready for your session to take place. 

Booked with a $100 initial payment. Remainder due 1 Day before session.

60 Images and printing rights are included.

For Newborn sessions please see our Documentary Family Section.

To book this session click below and select your estimated due date. We will be in touch with the service agreement and initial payment and begin planning your session.

Want to find out more about birth photography, the flow of working together and payment options? We're happy to chat and answer any questions, emails us or schedule your phone consult below.