The Business of Birth Photography (Full Pay)

The Business of Birth Photography (Full Pay)

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Business of Birth Photography Class in Chicago on March 27th.  

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The Business of Birth Photography is for anyone who is looking to find their why and/or to streamline the inner workings of their business, no matter where you are on your journey, from beginner to more experienced. It's not so much about your skills as a photographer as it is about your business.

  • We will begin class with sharing a bit about ourselves and our birth photography adventure. Then we will do some soul searching exercises to help you find out what you stand for as a business and help narrow down who your ideal client is.

  • Then we will move into pricing for profit and networking & marketing ideas.

  • Around noon we will break for lunch (which will be provided, look out for a preference email).

  • After lunch we will come back together to share some of our client communication, contract must haves and client workflow options from inquiry to following up beyond your session.

  • We'll take a short break.

  • In the last group talk we will share our birth shot list and how to shoot for your client & social media. Tips on working with your client's birth team and the staff. And finally, managing the on call life to avoid burn out.