Doula Pix - Birth Photography Guide for Doulas PDF

Doula Pix - Birth Photography Guide for Doulas PDF

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This PDF will help you gain confidence as a photographer in the delivery room. Created by Jill and Maggie the photographers behind This Is Family so that all moms have access to beautiful photos of their birthing-day.

Jill and Maggie compile 8 years of experience into these simple and effective tips and lessons.

This easy to read and informative PDF download covers:

  • Storytelling
  • Shot list
  • Angles
  • Composition
  • Lighting
  • Cameras and Editing

Our mission is to help doulas take better photos for the families that they work with. 
Imagine not only helping a woman achieve her desired birth but also feeling confident that you can  give her photos of the magic moment she becomes a mother. A photo that will honor and encapsulates HER strength and the sweet moment she met her baby. 

This PDF will help you understand the rules of photography and design as well as give you helpful tips on working in various lighting situations and choosing the best angles.  It will improve your confidence as a photographer no matter what camera you use.

As we work to evolve this program your purchase total today ($29) can be used towards the purchase of a full course in the future. 

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"Prior to Jill and Maggie's workshop, I was just a doula with a camera. Today, I offer birth photography as an add-on service. I learned so much about light, angles, details, equipment and gear, and what moments to capture. I highly recommend this class!" ~Christine

"Attending Jill and Maggie's birth photography workshop reassured me that good photography for my clients was all about the right angle and making the most of hospital lighting, not expensive equipment. Tips from the birth photography workshop can help doulas catch some valuable moments without taking too much focus from their primary role of supporting the woman and her partner." ~Maura