We are about to help you save thousands of hours and make thousands of dollars.  Keep reading to find out how to take your birth photography business to the next level in less time than it take to have a baby.

We are Jill and Maggie and

we are the photographers and owners of This Is Family Photography and Film.  We help chicago families document their first moments together and have been doing so for 8 years.  In that time we made thousands of mistakes and learned everything from scratch.

We were underpriced, burned out and pretty much begging people to hire us and invest in birth photography.

Until we figured out how to build our brand and bring value to our work and of course all the nitty gritty details that go into running a successful birth photography business.  

Now people are ready hire us before they even see our pricing.

We can help you do the same.

If you are reading this you are probably struggling just like we were. You’re so over seeing people cringe even at the mention of birth photography.

You can’t even imagine how you will get your next client and you’re tired of talking to all the pregnant family members and friends about birth photos.  You feel your dream  painfully slipping away.

Even if you do get an inquiry you may feel overwhelmed and unprepared for everything that comes with the booking, from the client meeting, child care, on call life to the final product delivery.

So you start feeling like you shouldn't charge an experienced rate and offer yet another discount and the cycle continues.

To help you break out of this cycle to nowhersville

We have created a business of birth photography workshop that will help you feel prepared for all the unexpected surprises and boost your confidence so you can document a birth like a pro even if you have never photographed a birth before.

This class if for anyone who knows how to use a camera and is interested in adding birth photography to their list of services or for photographers who want to take their current birth business to a new level.

Imagine for a second getting an inquiry and knowing all the right things to say in that first phone call  After an amazing conversation the mom asks you to send her the contract because she is ready to book.  

You schedule your prenatal meeting and feel prepared to answer additional questions and go over the “day of” protocol.

When B day rolls around and you get that 3am text you feel excited, prepared and most of all valued because you’ve  charged a premium rate.

You know how to communicate with your client so that you leave on time ensuring that you make it to the birth, but minimize hours spent waiting in the hospital chairs or worse yet, the parking lot. Your interaction with the staff is professional and flawless and you feel that you are an asset to the birth team. You know where to stand, to get the best angle but also stay out of the way of the medical team. And since you’re familiar with all the diff lighting scenarios  you can  provide mom with the most amazing photos of the time she meets her baby.

Before you leave the family thanks you profusely for being there with them. Mission accomplished.

You leave feeling that glorious birth high and can’t wait to get some sleep then send a sneak peek.  All with the peace of mind that this one birth brought you 3x or 4x the income it would have prior to you taking the BBB workshop.


In this workshop we will cover:

  • Personal branding,
  • charging for profit,
  • client communication/workflow,
  • networking,
  • marketing,
  • social media,
  • working with medical staff,
  • birth photography shot list and tips and
  • managing the on call life.


Now that we know the struggle and hustle of building a birth biz from scratch If this class was available when we first started we would have happily paid 2K to learn all the things, instead of fumbling along for years.  

But don’t worry you have us and won't have to fumble and make tons of mistakes, we’ve got your back and a way sweeter price for you.

Also The first 5 ppl to book will receive a complimentary website and social media review. As well as a 20 min phone consult to be used after the class and before july 2018.

Because we care deeply about helping photographers create a sustainable business as much as we care about families having these amazing memories we are offering this comprehensive workshop at 399 only a quarter of what a birth photographer costs!  BUT 349 with early bird pricing when booked by february 28


Your struggle is almost over! Don’t Delay.

Book below and let’s take your birth biz to the next level.


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Click below to take your birth photography business to the next level in less time than it takes to have a baby!