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I wanted birth photography because for me, birth is one of the most special days of my life. Giving birth to my babies has been so monumental and empowering and woven into the person I am, so documenting that moment is a necessity. Not to mention there's so few times in life you give birth. Having documentation of the transience of birth and new baby and new motherhood gives me so much joy. I knew that there was no one on my birth team that would be able to take professional photos, and even if photos were taken, I didn't want it to be my responsibility to cull and edit them. Having an objective eye whose only job was to document the event was critical. I also knew the quality of the photos would be so much better hiring a professional. And, I didn't want anyone on my birth team to be left out of the photos or the story they told. I look forward to sharing those photos with my kids as they grow, and have already shared them with family and friends. Investing in those photos was so important that in planning my pregnancy, I made sure to budget for it.

Working with 'This is Family' was great. Scheduling, communication and doing photo sessions was a breeze. Pictures turned out great and they were delivered on time. We are going to use 'This is Family' again ! I highly recommend them for anything from birth stories to indoor and outdoor family pictures. Maggie and Jill. Working with you was great. 
Thanks, Kasia, Ben, Ellie and Liam

Super talented and great to work with. Jill shot our son for his First 48 and Newborn pictures and we love them. Her images turned out beautiful and we really enjoyed her energy- we are looking forward to her taking his 6 month and 1 year images and likely many more after that! We had no issues having Jill come even though our son was 2.5 weeks early. Highly recommend!

For the birth of our 5th child we were finally able to have the home birth that I had always wanted. Surrounded by her older siblings, my husband, our Doula and our Midwife we welcomed our daughter Nina earthside in the privacy and comfort of our living room. Thanks to the amazing photo's that Maggie took I can reflect back on that morning always. Maggie caught the look of pure delight on my older daughters faces when they learned they had a little sister. She captured my husband snuggling our newborn to his chest as our other children were gathered around and I was in the bedroom getting settled. Countless expressions and moments that I would have other wise missed out on if not for her amazing documentary photography. Nina is now a year old and we have enjoyed getting to know Maggie even more as she has come back to our home to help us document our first year as a family of 7 and I cherish every image. We are forever grateful to Maggie and her team at This Is Family Photography for helping us to remember every special little detail.

Maggie photographed the birth of my baby back in May, and just recently her and Jill came to do a Day in the Life documentary session in my home (baby boy is now just over 6 months!) It is amazing continuity to invite someone into your baby's birth and then have them back into your home for all of those wonderful moments that you want to bottle up and save forever. Jill and Maggie were personable, unobtrusive, and, most importantly, got my four year old to open up to them. We're looking forward to having them document our family for years to come!
Maura  (The Chicago Doulas)